From early days as nauseating "finance bros,” to building our own companies, scaling teams, raising millions, angel investing and advising, we’ve seen it all. In the process, we've also f'd a lot of things up. While we have been able to help hundreds of startups with everything from strategy to fundraising to business development and all the late night calls in between, so much comes down to just needing capital. 

There have been many times where we’ve run down fifty plus intros for founders to investors, when we’d much rather just write a check and have the founders get back to work. Zero founders have ever said "Wow, raising that round of capital was FUN". Fundraising distracts from the actual work of running the business and can be a grinding, demoralizing process, even for the best companies. 

So this is what we are doing now. Helping founders get back to work and then showing up while they are building (and not in the annoying "you need to call us all the time" kind of way).

*”The Junction” is also the name of the corner where Flatbush Avenue (Brooklyn's longest road) intersected with Nostrand Avenue (Brooklyn's second longest road).  It's also probably the best place on earth to get mugged in 1992 during your lunch period when you want a bagel or McDonald's. Please inquire for more stories.  
So how are you "Helpful?"
We've learned that starting a business is the hardest thing anyone can do. We have failed forward and we want to pass on our learnings about all of those little things you may struggle with. The dysfunctional board.  The co-founder that needs to go. The sales leader you need to hire. The day to day you need to pull yourself out of. The $2.5m seed round you need to close. The large partnership that is all thunder and no lightning. The deck that seems like it’s never done. The ups. The downs. We’ve been there. We’ve failed. We've succeeded. We know the answers and we want to be with you as you figure them out. We WANT a 10pm hysterical phone call after your Head of Product walks off the job. 

At the end of the day, the most important lesson we learned as founders is to show up when you need us.  Your company is not our baby. We know when to step back and just let founders run with it.
Okay. Okay. So what are you INvesting In?
We aren’t going to chase overhyped sectors. While the past decade plus has seen massive advances in tech, there are still so many industries and areas operating inefficiently. Think of things that aren’t sexy. We tend to like things that are purpose-built for specific verticals, not solutions in search of a problem. Vertical SaaS, Marketplaces, Payments, and businesses serving SMBs are categories where we have been spending a lot of time.

We know B2B inside and out so we’re starting there. We know there are tons of overlooked markets. We know there are opportunities that are extraordinarily nascent. When someone says "that's too niche" our ears perk up a bit. We’re here to listen to how you think about the future. We’re here because you know something we don’t. So get in touch. We want to talk.